Everything that's punitive is what I feel when we're together (in the Hall of the Fire Giant King). After fumbling around in the lower lava levels and falling prey to a cruel illusion, the Fellows emerge only to walk right into their quarry. As if one foe was not enough, Ada, Blaze, and Miles set their sights on taking down not only the mysterious Eclavdra, but also King Snurre himself. 


Next week's episode will be a recap of the story so far, and the week after, we will begin the final raid into the Tomb of Horrors (where Anorak has been redecorating again). We're also really excited to announce that we will be performing a live show at Cinema&Co in Swansea (UK) on October 5th as part of The Swansea Fringe 2019 - check out GraveAmbition.com for more info including how to get tickets. 


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