*Warning: Strong Language*

The Fellowship has located their oldest and most powerful rival, and the Whitewyrm Recruitment Centre has been chosen to lead the first attack. To get to him, the Fellows must face the most (in)famous and frustrating challenge in Dungeons & Dragons history - the Tomb of Horrors! Recruitment officer Cadwalader Thomas (Wally) has been charged with assembling the infiltration team.

*Slow camera pan across their faces*

A streetwise half-elf brawler with no patience and a penchant for chaos. An embittered dwarf pirate-turned-cleric blessed with divine guidance and armoured for war. A whimsical barbarian goliath with a big ol' hammer (and he can summon a storm). A mysterious halfling spellcaster with ears full of fey whisperings.

Join the Fellows Bold and find out just how far a group of relatively inexperienced players can get through Gary Gygax's intentionally infuriating dungeon!

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